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    Creating life-long learners serving the global community.



    Our school mascot is the Husky and our school colors are blue, red and white. 

    School Hours

    The school instructional hours are from 9:15 a.m. – 3:25 p.m.

    Students should plan to arrive when our doors open at 9:00 a.m. Prior to that time children are not permitted to wait in the entrances, as they are not supervised by staff.

    School Phone Numbers

    School Office: 240-684-6210 After school hours, a machine will

    School Fax:               240-684-6216                record your message.

    School Nurse: 240-297-6019

    Before/After Care:    240-684-6226

    School Website

    School Staff


    Area 1, Cluster 1
    Berwyn Heights Elementary School      
    6200 Pontiac Street
    Berwyn Heights, MD 20740     
    Phone Numbers:
    Office: 240-684-6210
    Fax: 240-684-6216          
    School Hours: 9:15 to 3:25





    Amanda Alerich


    Valerie Holt

    Secretary II

    Evelyn Andres

    Secretary I

    Veronica Shaw-Kittrell


    Caroline Green

    Professional School Counselor

    Kristen Buker

    Parent Engagement Assistant


    Ellen Bastio


    Kathleen Schuster



    Kathelene Smith

    Classroom Teacher

    Katie Miante

    Classroom Teacher

    Amy Bender

    Classroom Teacher


    Leslie Collins

    Classroom Teacher

    Darlene Wright

    Classroom Teacher


    Theresa Charles

    Classroom Teacher- Long Term Substitute

    Kristen Lewandowski

    Classroom Teacher

    Madeline O’Hara

    Classroom Teacher


    Alison Levasseur

    Classroom Teacher: Math

    Chele Sachs

    Classroom Teacher: RELA

    Jacqueline Conover

    Classroom Teacher: SCI


    Kathy Schuster


    Ankita Sharma

    Classroom Teacher: Math

    Mary Hill

    Classroom Teacher: SCI- Long Term Substitute


    Melinda Brady

    Classroom Teacher:SCI

    Megan Ottaiano

    Classroom Teacher: RELA

    Quinne Jackson

    Classroom Teacher: Math


    Bret Goldstein

    Classroom Teacher: Math

    Lena Scaduto

    Classroom Teacher: RELA

    Dan Schrot

    Classroom Teacher: Science


    Yiting Wu

    Chinese Teacher

    Shu Jen Chen

    Chinese Teacher


    Eun Hee Kim

    ESOL Teacher

    Katie Tyser

    ESOL Teacher

    Michelle Kang

    ESOL Teacher

    Lourdes Krause

    ESOL Teacher


    Jacqui Cooper

    SPED Chair

    Kristina McKitrick

    SPED Teacher

    Tracey Battle 

    SPED Teacher- Long Term Sub

    Tiarra Nash 


    Melinda Smith


    Tamar James



    Tiffany Papanikolas


    Alysha Sears

    Physical Education

    Margo Richman

    .5 Art

    Gwendolyn Dennis-Mack

    .5 Library

    Isaac Segal

    .5 Instrumental Music


    Ann Jones

    Food Service Satellite Leader

    Jean Miller

    Food Service Assistant

    Norma Medel

    Food Service Assistant


    Sheila Williams

    Building Supervisor

    Rosa Guevara 

    Night Lead


    Night Cleaner




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    Excused absences are defined by the Maryland Public School Law, bylaw 13/07/02/01 as follows:

    *Death in the immediate family

    *Illness of the child


    *Court Summons

    *Physical incapacity

    *Mental Incapacity

    *Violent Storms

    *Work or activity approved or sponsored by the school

    *Observance of religious Holidays

    *State emergency

    Upon returning to school from an absence, students are required to bring a written note from his/her parent stating the reason for the absence.

    Arrival and Breakfast Procedures

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    The school doors open at 9:00. Parents are to drop students off outside the back doors of the school.  All students go directly to their classroom for breakfast.

    All students will be offered a nutritious, balanced breakfast in the classroom this year. Breakfast will be served from 9:00 to 9:20. 

    Late Arrivals

    Parents may enter the building with their child at 9:25 or later and accompany them to the front office.

    They will sign them in and their student will receive a late pass.

    Students will not be admitted into their classroom without this pass from the office.


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    Daily attendance at school is very important. 

    Students should be in school every day that he/she is physically able.

    It is hard for a child to be successful in school if regular attendance becomes a problem.

    Our goal is to provide the best possible education for our students.

    We need the children to be in attendance each school day. 


     Bus Behavior

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    Remember, the bus driver is the authority figure on the bus.

    1. Remain seated until the bus driver opens the door at your stop.

                 2. Keep all of your possessions in your lap.

    3. Talk quietly and respectfully to the students sitting next to you.

    Inappropriate behavior could lead to loss of bus riding privileges.

    Cafeteria Procedures

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    Teachers will walk their students to the cafeteria and stay with them until they are seated.

    Change of Address

    If you have changed your address, home phone number, work number, or any emergency information, please notify the school secretary at once. 

    If you move to an address outside the Berwyn Heights attendance area, you must file a Special Transfer Request to remain in our school.


    Delayed Openings/Early Closings

    Whenever decisions are made to modify the entire school system’s schedule, notice is given to all major radio and television stations. 

    We will post information on ClassDojo.  

    School Openings Students Arrive

    Regular Time   9:00

    1 Hour Late 10:00 Buses will be 1 hour late, Lunch on regular schedule

    2 Hours Late        11:00 Buses will be 2 hours late, Lunch times altered


    Early Closings Students Dismiss

    2 Hour Early Release 1:25 PM

    3 Hour Early Release 12:25 PM

    Dismissal Procedures

    School dismissal is at 3:25pm. Early dismissals must occur BEFORE 2:45.

    After 2:45, parents must wait outside of the building for their student. 

    Car riders are dismissed via the back door. 

    Car riders should be picked up at the Kiss and Ride at the back of the building ONLY.

    No cars will be allowed in the bus pick-up area. 

    Walkers are dismissed through the front side doors (by the Community Center) and back doors. 

    All bus riders are dismissed through the front door, when their bus is called.

    Parents wishing to pick their child up in a car will enter the rear parking lot and drive toward the Kiss and Ride.

    A staff member will guide you.

    We will load cars into two lanes, filling the entire loop, stopping at the end of the bottom lot.

    Once all cars are stopped, students will be released to load into cars.

    When students are in the cars, we will release the cars to exit the parking lot. 

    Early Student Departures

    A request to have your child excused from class early should be sent with your child on the day of the early dismissal. 

    The time and reason for leaving should be included. 

    When possible, medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school hours. 

    Students will be released ONLY to the parents unless the school has been notified, in writing, by the parents or guardian of alternative arrangements.

    Please plan any early dismissal prior to 2:45, unless there is an emergency. 

    This will minimize disruptions for the students at end of the day. 

    Field Trips

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    Field trips are an extension of our instructional program. 

    We ask that parents encourage their children’s participation and ensure that permission slips are returned by the due date.

    Class trips require a 1:6 ratio for Kindergarten, grades 1-5 require 1:15 and grade 6 - 1:20.

    Parent chaperones must have background checks that include fingerprinting  done by the school system.

    The contact number to the Fingerprinting office is 301-952-6775.

    Hall Procedures

    4. When exiting the building for fire drills, emergencies, and daily dismissal, classes should form lines    

          on the same side of the hall as their classroom.


    Health Room Services

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    Our nurse is Ms. Shaw-Kitrell.

    She can be reached at school at 240-684-6220.

    A student who becomes ill or injured is sent to the school nurse, accompanied by 2 students.

    The parent may be called to pick up the child from school.

    If a student needs medication at school, a form must be requested from the school nurse and completed by the parent and attending medical personnel.



    Lunch and Breakfast Costs

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    Parents are encouraged to complete the Federal FreeFood Program form. 

    Money cannot be borrowed from the office.

    Students without lunch money will be offered a cheese sandwich and milk.

    The full/reduced cost of lunch is as follows:

    Breakfast:   free

    Lunch: full - $2.75

    Parent Conferences

    During the school year, teachers schedule conferences with parents to discuss their child’s progress. 

    Parents can also request conferences with teachers.  We need parents actively involved at Berwyn Heights and the conference time is an opportunity to be an active participant in your child’s education. 

    If you wish to meet with school resource and specialist staff, please contact the school office for an appointment. 

    Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

    The Parent/Teacher Association is a volunteer organization which fosters a close relationship among parents, teachers, staff and school administration. 

    It serves as a crucial link by providing an opportunity for parents to be involved in school activities and functions. 

    Some of the organization’s activities include fundraising to support school/grade level activities, trips, and projects. 

    PTA annual membership dues are $12.00 per family and teacher.  All parents are invited to sign up and volunteer for a committee. 

    The annual membership drive is held at Back- to- School Night. 

    PTA Website


    Personal Property

    The school cannot assume responsibility for the personal property of students.

    Therefore, electronic devices, money, and/or toys, should not be brought to school.

    Please clearly mark clothing articles and other personal items with the child’s name in order to facilitate return to the rightful owner.


    Playground Procedures

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    Prince George’s County Public School’s Code of Student Conduct

    Berwyn Heights will not tolerate offenses that interfere with the safety or learning of other students.

    These behaviors will be dealt with in accordance with the administrative procedure of the Prince George’s County Public School’s Code of Student Conduct. 

    Formal disciplinary actions may be imposed after other possible alternate forms of discipline have been attempted and proven unsuccessful in resolving a given problem.

    Student actions shall be recorded on the Pupil Discipline Referral form.

    The Code of Student Conduct is outlined in the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities Handbook which is sent home during the first two weeks of school.

    The School Counselor reviews these policies with all students.

    Parents and students are to sign the Code of Student Conduct Memorandum of Understanding and return the form to the School Counselor.

    Progress Reports and Report Cards

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    Interim Progress reports are posted online at the mid-point of each marking period.

    Report cards are sent home after the close of each grading quarter.

    The fourth quarter report card will mailed home to the address of record at the end of the year.


    Restroom Procedures 

    Primary Grades have restrooms in their classrooms.

    Intermediate students are to use the bathroom across from the cafeteria.

    Each student must be accompanied by another student when walking to the bathroom

    Grades K-2 have bathrooms in the classrooms.  

    The Intermediate grade students use a sign-out log in their classroom. 

    If there is a cleaning problem, students are to report the problem to the teacher. 

    NO student may use the bathroom in the Community Center. 

    In case of emergencies students will use the bathroom in the Health Suite

    School Calendar

    Student will receive a copy of the school system’s calendar.

    Changes occur throughout the school year and updates to the school system’s calendar may be found on the internet at or at


    School Counselor

    Our school counselor, Ms. Caroline Green, works with students, staff and parents to deliver a comprehensive, data-driven, counseling program that focuses on the social emotional, academic, career and social/personal development of all the students.

    This is done through classroom lessons, small group and individual sessions and counseling sessions in collaboration with the staff and parents/guardians.

    Some common topics include: feelings, effective communication skills, conflict resolution, making and keeping friends, study skills, setting goals and career exploration.

    School Uniform

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    We have a mandatory uniform policy

    Headdress can be worn indoors for religious or health reasons ONLY.  No hats are worn in the building.

    School-Wide Discipline Policy - Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS)

    We believe that each child is entitled to learn in a safe and caring environment. 

    We believe that good order and discipline in the learning environment is necessary for effective learning to occur. 

    A strong discipline policy will teach appropriate behaviors and lead to lifelong good habits.

    Teachers, support staff, and volunteers model and teach behaviors that help students become respectful, caring, and responsible adults. 

    We are all responsible for teaching courteous behavior and modeling appropriate language at all times. 

    We believe that each day is a new day and each student is entitled to a fresh start at the beginning of each day.

    Showing Our Husky “P.R. I. D. E.”

    At Berwyn Heights, we show

    our Husky P.R.I.D.E. when we:


    are Prepared

    are Respectful

    are Involved

          Do Our Best

    are Excited!

    Visitors to the Building

    All visitors to Berwyn Heights must report to the office when they arrive in the building.

    Students from other schools or friends of Berwyn Heights’ students are not allowed to visit during the school day. 

    All visitors must bring proper ID when reporting to the office and wear a visitor’s badge, issued at the office, while visiting the school.

    PDF copy of this handbook

    1. Students will walk into the cafeteria quietly.
    2. Students will enter and exit on the right.
    3. Classes will sit together in their assigned areas.
    4. Students may speak in a conversational tone during lunch.
    5. Students will raise their hands for permission to leave their seat.
    6. Students will participate in the recycle program.
    1. Afternoon announcements signal the beginning of dismissal.
    2. Buses are dismissed to central locations and escorted to buses by staff.
    3. Before and After Care students are picked up from their classrooms by that staff.
    4. Side and back door walkers are dismissed.
    5. Classroom teachers walk remaining students to the Kiss and Ride for parent pick up.
    1. Students will walk quietly while in the hallways.
    2. Students are to walk on the right side of the hallway
    3. Students must have a hall pass.
    1. Food is not permitted on the playground.
    2. All equipment will be used in a safe manner.
    3. Playground equipment is provided for everyone’s use.
    4. Students are to line up promptly, quietly, and orderly when the signal is given.
    5. Students will leave the playground with passes only.
    6. Students will play in defined areas only.
    Tops – Boys and Girls
    Collared shirt- White or red
    Short or long-sleeves
    Bottoms – Boys and Girls
    Shorts or pants-Navy blue uniform pants
    No jeans or sweatpants
    Bottoms – Girls only
    Skort, skirt or jumper- Navy blue uniform material
    Sweaters and Hooded Sweatshirts – Boys and Girls
    Navy blue, white or red with Very small writing or logos are allowed
    Footwear – Boys and Girls
    Socks/Knee Highs-Navy blue, white or black
    Tights - Navy blue or white
    Tennis Shoes/Sneakers
    No Crocs or Sandals