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  • CFHFS Updates Regarding SY 22 Uniform Policy

    Dear CHF School Community Members,

    I greet you in the spirit of excellence and pray that you are remaining safe and are well during this summer break. 

    Though I will be sending each of you a formal "Back to School" letter in Mid-August, recent changes require that I provide you with information that will help you prepare for your return to the school community in September.  

    Mandatory Uniform Policy

    I shared in July that CHF would institute a voluntary uniform policy for the upcoming school year. Recent communication from PGCPS leadership, however, require that we remove this option. As written in the recent "Engage PGCPS" document  (see attached)  Uniforms will be required this fall at schools with policies in place. As there was an existing Mandatory Uniform Policy in place prior to the beginning of the Pandemic, we will be required to continue with the policy. In putting this policy into practice, we will keep in the mind the need to be flexible, supporting and responsive during this transition back to school. Please find information regarding our required uniform for the upcoming school year:


    Green polo for all grade levels with Seniors having the option of wearing a black polo.

    All outerwear sweaters, sweatshirts and light jackets will be allowed, regardless of color, with the understanding that students will not be allowed to wear hoods on their heads in the building.

    Large coats should be placed in the lockers upon arrival to school.

    Tops must be long enough to cover the mid section.


    Black bottoms to include slacks, khakis, sweats, jeans, shorts/ skirts/ skorts (Knee length) will be permitted. Leggings will also be permitted with understanding that young ladies wearing them should have tops that cover their buttocks. 

    Bottoms should not "sag" to expose any undergarments.


    All shoes that cover the toes will be permitted. "Slides" present a safety concern for students and cannot be permitted. 

    Face/ Head Gear

    Face masks must be worn in the building at all time. 

    Headgear is to be worn for religious purposes only. 

    As we define our expectations for the upcoming school year, we must also be clear that no student will be denied the right to the classroom because of a uniform concern. To support families with identifying a vendor for the purchase of the green polo shirt, I am including a link to the CHF School Spirit Store. On this website, you will find many purchasing options for students and families to show their "Jaguar Pride". We will continue the tradition this year of hosting weekly "Spirit Fridays" where students will have the option of wearing any CHF Club, Sport, Spirit or Activity wear along with their black bottoms.

    I apologize for any inconvenience that this mid-summer adjustment may cause and will continue to communicate any further changes in expectations moving forward as expeditiously as possible. 

    In Service,


    Dr. Gorman E. Brown, Principal

    Engage PGCPS_ Summer Updates ☀️.pdf