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  • Financial Obligations

    Financial Obligations/ID's


    All financial obligations should be clear for the beginning of the school year. Please be advised that students who did not settle financial obligations, did not receive report cards and were sent a financial letter instead. They will not be promoted and will not have a schedule at the beginning of the school year. Financial obligations include money owed for textbooks, library books, IDs, uniforms, etc. Financial obligations are to be addressed to Ms Yarbrough, the Accounting Secretary. You may contact her at 301-636-8000 ext. 267. Thank you for your cooperation in clearing student financial obligations. We look forward to seeing your son/daughter this school year.
    Each student is issued a permanent ID at the beginning of the school year. Students without the proper ID may get temporary ID's from the ID center. Students may get up to 3 temporary ID's, 1 replacement chain, and 1 replacement case per Grading Quarter (additional chain/case infractions will count as an ID Offense). The penalty for the 4th ID infraction will be Disciplinary Action, including "SUSPENSION."
    The Cost of ID items:
    Replacement ID- $5.00