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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is CBC?

    CBC is a program where 16-21 year olds can come back and earn their high school diplomas.  For more information, go to the CBC Mission page.  

    Who goes to CBC?  

    CBC students are great people who want to graduate!  Although CBC'ers had to leave high school before they earned their diplomas, now they've decided they want to get on with their lives.  CBC'ers are friendly, helpful, smart, fun teenagers who decided to take another chance on life.

    Where is CBC?  

    CBC is located in Bladensburg, MD. We are right on 450 (Annapolis Rd), about two miles outside of the Beltway.

    How much does CBC cost?  

    CBC is free.  Believe it!!!

    Will I get a GED?  

    No.  At CBC, you will earn a high school diploma from Community Based Classroom(CBC).

    Does CBC have a school bus?  

    No. You can come by car or by Metrobus. We are right on the T18 bus line from the New Carrollton Metro station. We are on the F2 and F8 Metro bus lines from the Cheverly Metro station.

    How long will it take me to graduate?  

    That depends on how many credits you need and how often you can come to school.   You'll consider things like your job, your children (if you have any), child care, your transportation, your tolerance for being in class, and your other responsibilities.

    How many credits can I get in a semester?  

    That's also up to you.  Each course is 1 credit, so it depends on your life many classes you can take?  See the  question right before this one!

    What classes does CBC have?  

    CBC has all the required high school classes to earn a diploma from The Maryland State Department of Education.

    When do classes meet?  

    Classes meet 2 times a week for 2 hours at a time with a 10 minute break in the middle.   They run on a college-type schedule:  Monday - Wednesday or Tuesday - Thursday.  Sometimes there are trips or activities on Fridays.  

    When can I start?  

    There are 2 times a year that new students can begin:  Fall and Spring.  Fall usually starts at the beginning of September, but we start registering students during the summer.  Spring starts in January, with students enrolling during the fall.

    How do I register?  

    You can get started by coming for a visit so that you can see if CBC is right for you.  Plan to bring your transcript with you.  That way, if you like what you see, you can start the process! If you already like what you're hearing, go to the How to Apply page now.