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  • ID Badge Policy


    All students and scholars are required to wear their identification badge everyday.  Failure to do so is a violation of security and jeopardizes the school community.  Any scholar not wearing their Identification Badge will be denied services and may be subject to consequences under the Prince George's County Public School Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.  The PGCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook states that all scholars enrolled in high schools in Prince George's County Public Schools grades 9-12 are required to wear a student identification badge, appended to a break-away chain, which is to hang from the scholar's neck.

    All scholars will be charged $5.00 to replace lost or defaced Identification Badge. All scholars will be given three temporary Identification Badges. Identification Badges are a critical part of Croom’s efforts to provide all scholars with a safe, caring, and orderly environment for learning. Scholars are initially provided with a photo Identification Badges and break-away chain at no cost.

    There are no exceptions. This policy is non-negotiable.


     Scholar identification badges are required for the following purposes:

    • To obtain a hall pass
    • To identify oneself in the halls
    • To identify oneself for lunch programs
    • To check out library materials
    • To check in tardy to school
    • To purchase tickets for any school function or activity
    • To attend field trips
    • To depart school for early release, work release, or CVE  
    • To participate in Saturday/weekend activities
    • To participate in any and all school activities set-aside exclusively for CVHS students

                    Administrative Procedures for Issuing Temporary Identification Badges


    These are the procedures regarding student identification badges daily:

    1. Between the change of each class and while on your post of duty at your door, each teacher will check to see if all scholars have their identification badges for the day.

    2. DO NOT ADMIT- Send the scholar on a green pass to the office.

    3. If it is determined that any scholar in your class does not have an identification badge, the scholar should be sent immediately to the office.

    4. Document in School Max (Comment Section) as additional back up for your records.