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    The following dress code applies to all students enrolled in Prince George's County Public Schools:


    1. Head dresses can be worn indoors for religious or health reasons only.
    2. Shirts and blouses should be continuous from neckline to waist. The entire mid-section should not show. No tank tops and muscle shirts should be worn as outer wear.
    3. No clothing with vulgar language, obscene pictures, weapons, drug/alcohol or drug paraphernalia and tobacco products should be worn.
    4. No identifiable gang/crew clothing or paraphernalia should be worn.
    5. No see-through clothing should be worn.
    6. Skirts, dresses, shorts, and spandex skirts should be approximately six (6") inches below the buttocks, and no shorter than fingertip level.
    7. Pants should be secured at waist with no sagging below the waist to expose undergarments. Tights, stretch pants, leggings, and body suits must be worn with clothing long enough to cover the buttocks.
    8. Shoes must be worn. Slippers are not to be worn to school.