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    Greetings District Heights Families,


    We are excited about this upcoming school year. This school year will be a year of accountability for students, staff and parents as we work collaboratively to educate our scholars to prepare them for college and career paths of their choice. Administration is excited about the instructional changes that must occur in an effort to provide our scholars a quality instructional program. Our goal for this school year is to meet the needs of each student and ensure academic progress.


    SCHOOL HOURS:  School begins promptly at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 1:55 p.m.  In order to receive the full benefit of the instructional program at District Heights Elementary School, it is important to be present and on time every day.  Please do not send your children earlier than 7:30 a.m. because they are not supervised.


    SCHOOL SUPPLIESStudents should come to school prepared with the necessary supplies every day and ready to learn. Enclosed you will find a detailed supply list so that your child can start the year with all required items.


    SCHOOL UNIFORMS: All students are required to wear school uniforms beginning on the first day of school. Please refer to the attachment enclosed. Uniform Policy Will Be Enforced.


    STUDENT AGENDA BOOKS:  Students Agenda Books will be required to assist with home-school communication, time management and goal setting. Agenda Books will be distributed during the first week of school.


    HOMEWORKHomework is assigned nightly.  Parents are required to help their children, by establishing some homework guidelines and cooperating with the teachers in seeing that the assignments are completed.   


    ATTENDANCE:  Your child should be in school on time and in classes every day.  Time lost from instruction can

    never be regained simply by doing make-up work.  Illnesses and emergencies are excused absences.  A complete attendance policy is available at  In addition, your child’s teacher will discuss attendance during their grade level back to school night. Students cannot be expected to perform in a satisfactory manner if they are not present for instruction.  It is imperative that students arrive on time daily.  DISTRICT HEIGHTS DOES NOT OFFER CHILDCARE  BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL! TEACHERS ARE REQUIRED BY CONTRACT TO RECEIVE PLANNING TIME BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL AND CAN NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR STUDENTS BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL HOURS. 


    Serving the community,

    Marlowe Blount-Rich