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    Mother  and Child

    Parent Teacher Organization

    PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization. The PTO is to promote the welfare of children in the school & to provide a closer relationship between school & home. To promote educational awareness in the home. To support adequate laws for the care & protection of all students.

    If you would like to join our PTO feel free to contact Ms. Sarah Range - PTO President at

    Registration Information

    Parents if you would like to register your child here at District Heights, please Click Here for more information.  Registration will be held Monday - Thursday from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

    Chaperoning & Volunteering

    Parents, if you are interested in helping out on field trips, daytime school activities, volunteering, etc., you need to have a commercial background check or fingerprints taken, view  Student Safety Volunteers videos Click Here.  Please look at the requirements for assisting in Prince George's County and remember to bring a copy of the receipt to the main office for our school records. For more info, Click Here  

    Classroom Observation Visits

     We welcome parents/legal guardians to visit their child's classroom. Classroom observation visits must be conducted in a manner that does not interfere with any student in class or interrupt classroom activities. Classroom observation visits are not permitted during testing.   Classroom observation visits begin at 10:00 am and must be completed by 2:00 p.m.  Each visit can last 1 hour.



    Grading and reporting procedures were established to provide guidance to administrators and teachers in the implementation of the grading and reporting systems to be used in all schools and centers in the Prince George’s County Public Schools. Click Here for more information.     


    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    If you would like to schedule a conference with a particular teacher, contact the teacher directly via telephone, email, written note, or Class Dojo.  If you would like to schedule a team conference with all of your child's academic teachers, contact your teacher.   


    Special Education Resources

    What is an IEP and how does the IEP process work?   Click Here to find out. is a website for parents that have a child with a disability. Click Here to access the website. Click Here for the Parental Rights - Maryland Procedural Safeguards Notice.    


    SchoolMax Family Portal

     View your child’s grades, attendance, and discipline information using SchoolMax.  Click Here  to see how to register for the Family Portal.  

           Bullying Information

    Bullying, harassment, and intimidation will not be tolerated at District Heights Elementary. If you feel that your child is a victim of bullying, harassment, or intimidation, contact your child's counselor, administrator, or security.  Click Here for more information on bullying and Click Here to download a reporting form.   


             After Hours/Weekend Emergencies/Holidays   


    1. The office of Communications is notified by the Chief Operating Officer if needed to send an e-mail to all members of the Board of Education. The media is notified if appropriate.
    2. The Operating Officer follows up with the Deputy Superintendent if the facility will not open for students. The Regional Assistant Superintendent provides an alternative site for elementary and middle schools. The standing protocol is to relocate students to alternative sites.
    3. The Superintendent will make the final decision to open or close the facility.   



    Closing of Schools Mid-Day   

    Inclement Weather, Power Outages, Etc. 


    1. The Office of Communications to contact media by 10:45 A.M.
    2. The Chief Operating Officer will contact the Associate Superintendent and provide an update.
    3. TheCEO will make the decision to close or not to close a facility. If the building is closed, the Associate Superintendent will notify the Office of Communications who will make notification to the school system.


     Questions and Concerns

    Who should parents call with questions and concerns?  Click here to find out.