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    Sandra Stovall
    Room: 226
    Extension: 83085

    Brenda Fowlkes
    Room: 225
    Extension: 83114

    Dr. Catherine Jones
    Room: 223
    Extension: 83082/83017

    Margaret Lloyd
    Room: 221
    Extension: 83080

    William Neal
    Room: 224
    Extension: 83083  | Mr. Neal's Class Website

    Eric Polk
    Room:  222
    Extension:  83081

    Donell Robinson
    Room: 220
    Extension: 83079

    Thurman Sutton
    Room: 208
    Extension: 83071      

    De'Ven Rucker
    Room:  210
    Extension: 83072

    Willie Taylor
    Room: 228
    Extension: 83087


    The FDHS Mathematics Department is focusing on providing rigorous instruction and activities to prepare our students for their future math classes and achievement tests, like the High School Assessment (HSA) and the SAT test.  To succeed in mathematics a student must stay focused during instruction and homework because the subject matter is always cumulative.  This means that they must stay focused for the entire class period and also review notes and practice problems.  Tests are 50% of students' grades (Grading Policy), so studying on a nightly basis is vitally important.  Students can do all of their work but still fail a class if they do not do well on tests.  Students will have homework every night and it is important that they have a quiet area to complete this work in order to maximize their focus.

    Different teachers require different layouts for homework, however, there is a standard to work from.  In order to improve your/your student's math grades the work should be done according to these Homework Guidelines.  

    You or your child may contact his/her math teacher to see if tutoring is available.

    Online Textbook Resources

    Summer Work



    All students are required to have their own TI-83+ calculator.  These are the only brand that are allowed during HSA and SAT testing so students should have their own calculator in class each day to become familiar with them.  Other classroom supplies includes pencils, small sharpener, loose leaf paper, graph paper and a straightedge or small ruler.

    Online Assessments

    There are many Internet based resources listed below.  Most of those sites also include quizzes for each topic studied.  Those students that have a Prentice Hall textbook can take section quizzes and chapter tests by putting the codes found under the "Take it to the Net" headings in their textbooks into the web code boxes on the main page.

    Success is work!!

    To study and be successful in math you must:

    • practice solving problems.  (Remember the odd answers are typically in the back of the book.)
    • pre-read the section being taught next and post-read after the lesson is taught.  Reading is not the same as in English you must go through the example problems and decipher what steps are being incorporated
    • redo the homework problems especially the ones that were wrong
    • work through problems that were incorrect on tests and quizzes
    Math Apps

    Khan Academy App is free and has many instructional videos with step by step examples provided

    SAT Math Concepts article

    iPadagogy is a Youtube channel dedicated to reviewing various iPad apps which can be useful tools for improving academic skills.
    TED Education has a collection of informational videos on numerous topics and is available as a free app.

    High School Assessment

    One major focus for FDHS is student performance on the Algebra HSA.  Students are required to complete the Albebra HSA in order to graduate.  Scores become a part of every student's permanent record and are a factor when FDHS is evaluated by the county.  

    In some cases students have progressed to higher math classes with a passing grade (60%), but have not mastered the material.  Extra tutoring and materials may be required for the student's performance to improve.  All mathematics teachers at FDHS offer tutoring and should be contacted directly to find out available times.  It is also extremely important that students understand the scores are part of their permanent record that will be viewed during future job interview processes and by college admissions offices.

    We would like to see scores increase by at least 20 points this year.  Math teachers are providing extra HSA instruction and utilizing writing across the curriculum to better prepare students for math word problems and the constructed response sections of the HSA.  Any suggestion to improve scores at FDHS can be submitted directly to the mathematics department coordinator or your child's math teacher.


    The following sites can be used to practice math skills necessary to pass the Algebra HSA and increase performance on other standardized tests.

    For assistance in preparing for the math portion of the SAT you can go to  At this site you are given a problem of the day and other important information.