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    Yemi Lawanson
    Department Chair
    Room: 106
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    Eric Polk
    SAT Quantitative

    Room: 222
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    SAT Verbal

    General Information


    SAT Test Information 

    Go to the College Board website for registration deadlines.


    College Board Information

    The web site will give you information about PSAT and SAT test, including how to register on line and the test dates for the next school year.  Be sure to check out the Test Question of the Day. It does change every day, even in the summer.

    If you’re a parent looking for SAT information, this is a great source for you too.  It also provides links to college search engines.  It is never too soon to be visiting prospective campuses online.  Summer is good time to work a live stop or two into your family travels.  Most colleges will be happy to set up a campus tour of the dorms, classroom buildings, etc. And some will invite you to sit in a class if you make a arrangements ahead of your visit.

    And finally, just to dispel one of the hard to kill misconceptions about the SAT you do not get 200 for putting your name on a blank test.  You need to make up to twelve errors (with no correct answers) to get a score that low.  Consider signing up for our SAT Prep class.  Knowing more about the test is he begging of greater success.”

    Parents please encourage your children to be avid readers.  That's the number one way to improve SAT verbal scores and your child's performance on the High School Assessment.

    SAT Verbal

    An effective way to increase vocabulary and improve writing skills is to study the roots of vocabulary, understand prefixes and suffixes and studying word etymology or the origins of words.  Use the following resources to improve these skills:


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    SAT math practice tests - Find Multiple choice, Quantitative Comparison, and Grid-ins.

    How the SAT Works - Find out how the SAT works.

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    Free SAT/ACT Tutorial - Find help with SAT math and verbal sections. - Free SAT practice exams

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