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    Fall Sports: Football, Cheerleading, Poms, Volleyball, Cross-Country, Boys and Girls Soccer, Golf
    Winter Sports: Girls and Boys Basketball, Cheerleading, Indoor Track, Swimming, Wrestling
    Spring Sports: Outdoor Track, Baseball, Softball, Tennis

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    -Jeanine Joyner, sponsor

    Organization's Name: Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    Chapter Number: 12714
    Charter Date: October 20, 1995

    Mission Statement: Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

    Dates, times, and location of the meetings or activities: Thursdays, 2:40-3:40 PM, Room 160.

    Gwynn Park High School National Honor Society

    -  sponsor

    Gwynn Park High School holds an affiliation with the high school chapter of National Honor Society for
    students in grades 10 through 12. Membership in the NHS is about more than just achieving academic
    success. Students chosen to join this organization exhibit outstanding performance in the areas of
    Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character. These criteria form the foundation upon which this
    organization is built.

    Students are selected after an application process, which is then presented to a board of judges to be
    evaluated. Upon selection, an induction ceremony is held, welcoming the newly chosen members.
    Students are required to help with service projects provided by the school each year, and attend certain
    events. NHS members also meet monthly to share how they maintain performance in the areas of
    Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character.
    Services provided to the student body include lunch time tutoring. We also participate in service
    projects to raise money for St Jude, our chosen charity.

    Activities include :
    Induction ceremony- October 24
    Leadership conference-January 30— February 1 Crystal City, VA

    Art Club

    -Derrick Freeman, sponsor

    Mission: To promote the spirit of visual art and creativity at Gwynn Park High School as well as the community by working
    as a team of artists in the beautification of our school and participating in public activities.
    Description: Gwynn Park High School Art Club is an afterschool activity that provides instruction in visual art for students.
    This club is a creative outlet that supports the visual needs of the community as well as the school. Club members will
    participate in group projects as well as personal portfolio development.
    Members must:
    -Attend and be on time for all meetings
    -Be prepared to contribute in all projects assigned
    -Be focused and work all projects to completion
    -Be a positive influence in the community as well as in school
    Meetings will take place in room 115 Monday through Thursday from 2:00pm - 4:00pm starting December 1st.

    Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Corp (AFJROTC) Awareness Presentation Team

    Purpose: This worthwhile voluntary activity consists of cadets that like to and feel
    comfortable talking to elementary and middle school students about such social issues as
    drug education and staying in school. Our involvement in this social issue awareness and
    training brings our corps favorable publicity and is a valuable social service to the
    community. Cadets can earn an APT badge to wear on the uniform if they
    participate in three events. Authorized membership cord is blue and silver.

    Normal Meeting day/time: Monthly on first Wednesday; 1445
    Approximate membership: 5-10 members

    Group Name: Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Corp (AFJROTC) Color Guard

    Purpose: This elite cadet corps presents and posts the US and Maryland flags at school, Corps, and community functions. This co-curricular activity provides an opportunity for cadets to learn to respect and properly present national and state flags. Color Guard Commander will be a cadet selected by the SASI/ASI who has normally been on the team in the past, has exhibited leadership qualities, and is a "model" cadet in both behavior and uniform wear and personal appearance. Commander will serve on the cadet staff as a senior commander.

    Normal Meeting day/time: Every Monday and Tuesday; 1445
    Approximate membership: 5-15 members

    Group Name: Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Corp (AFJROTC) Drill Team

    Purpose: Cadets who enjoy drill, "polish" their drill skills learned in the leadership
    laboratory and form a drill team that performs in local and area wide drill competitions
    and demonstrations. Drill practice will normally be two times a week immediately after
    school with more practices as needed. Participation, like the Color Guard, requires an
    extra commitment from cadets ,since they will spend many hours learning the manual of
    arms, perfecting close-order teamwork, practicing standardized movements, developing
    "free-style" movements, and taking care of their uniform. During competitions, drill
    precision, uniform, and personal appearance is scored. Drill Team Commander will be a
    cadet selected by the SASI/ASI who has normally been on the team in the past, has
    exhibited leadership qualities, and is a "model" cadet in both behavior and uniform wear
    and personal appearance.

    Normal Meeting day/time: Every Monday and Tuesday; 1445
    Approximate membership: 5-25 members

    Group Name: Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Corp

    Purpose: Members of this activity will learn how to build and launch model rockets.
    Cadets who meet the AFJROTC qualifications are also eligible for a rocketry badge
    which is worn with the uniform.

    Any membership qualifications other than a 2.0 GPA
    -Must be enrolled in the AFJROTC Program
    -Members must maintain a 2.0 grade point average to be active members
    -Members must attend meetings regularly
    -Team will build and launch a minimum of two (2) rockets this year

    -Normal Meeting day/time: First Wednesday of every month; 1445
    -Approximate membership: 2-10 members
    Group Name:Class of 2016

    -Keidrianna Moore, sponsor
    Mission Statement
    Class Officers and team members serve as the voice of their grade at
    meetings called as needed and are responsible for garnering support
    for school events including Spirit Week, Homecoming activities,
    dances and service projects.
    Meeting times and location: Meetings are not held on a regular basis
    Roster: Students in the class of 2016

    Ecology Club at Gwynn Park High School

    -Danita Matthews, sponsor
    -Paul Hollobaugh, sponsor

    -Club Charter

    I. Name: The name of this organization shall be the Ecology Club at Gwynn Park High School (herein

    referred to as the Ecology Club).

    II. Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be to:

    A. Increase environmental awareness among ecology club members. .

    B. Educate and raise awareness through outreach to the campus and community.

    C. Develop valuable skills such as public speaking, organization, management, leadership, and

    cooperation in our members.

    D. Increase awareness about career paths in environmental science.

    III. Adult Sponsors: Danita Matthews and Paul Hollobaugh are the faculty member sponsors

    IV. Affiliation: The Ecology club does not have a direct affiliation with a parent organization.

    V. Membership.

    A. Any registered Gwynn Park High School students, faculty, and staff interested may officially

    join the organization. Anyone that is interested may attend meetings.

    B. Only official Ecology Club members may hold office and vote in elections for the

    organization's officers.

    II. Meetings/Events

    b. The Ecology Club shall meet every Tuesday (from 2:35pm to 4:00pm), unless cancelled by

    the sponsors or officers.

    c. When the Ecology Club organization promotes itself or its views to the campus, it shall

    abide by all school policies.

    A. Officers.

    The organization shall have 3 offices:

    1. Chair/Co-Chair (currently there are 3 co-chairs)

    a. Shall have a good understanding of the Ecology club mission.

    b. Shall use and convey this knowledge whenever necessary at events,

    meetings, and promotions of the organization.

    c. Shall be the official spokesperson for the organization at events.

    2. Treasurer

    a. Responsible for the general supervision of the finances of the club. S/he

    prepares the budget for events and is responsible for counting and

    collecting transactions before transferring money to the sponsors. S/he

    maintains up-to-date financial records and gives a financial report at each


    3. Secretary

    a. Keeps an up-to-date membership roster. The secretary keeps full minutes

    of all meetings and records all actions taken by the club. S/he maintains a

    complete file which includes minutes, copies of documents, and current



    -Ms. Gudderra, sponsor
    -Ms. Matthews, sponsor

    FFA Mission: FFA is a youth organization in Agricultural Education that promotes personal growth, career success, and premier leadership.
    FFA meetings are key components to quality Agricultural Education program.
    FFA Chapter meets Monday after school in Room 226 or Media center from 2:30-4:00 p.m. weekly.

    All students flagged as Academy of Environmental Studies are required to attend the meetings or make up
    the same amount of time during lunch period with their advisor/teacher. Their participation is part of classroom grade.
    Activities are geared towards career readiness. Students participate in workshops with many organizations
    such as: Ernst Evert Foundation, MD FFA, National FFA, University Extension, and UMES to name a few.
    Partnerships have been developed with Maryland Department of Agriculture, Farm Bureau, Accokeek Foundation,
    and others.

    History of FFA:
    Founded in 1928, the Future Farmers of America brought together students, teachers and agribusiness to
    solidify support for agricultural education. In Kansas City's Baltimore Hotel, 33 young farm boys charted
    a course for the future. They could not have foreseen how the organization would grow and thrive.
    Since 1928, millions of agriculture students -no one knows exactly how many - have donned the official FFA
    jacket and championed the FFA creed. FFA has opened its doors and its arms to minorities and women,
    ensuring that all students could reap the benefits of agricultural education. Today, the National FFA Organization
    remains committed to the individual student, providing a path to achievement in premier leadership, personal growth
    and career success through agricultural education. Now, the organization is expanding the nation's view of
    "traditional" agriculture and finding new ways to infuse agriculture into the classroom.

    -Keidrianna Moore, sponsor

    Mission: The purpose of this organization shall be to foster diversity through hands on participation in activities providing
    educational leadership, programs and services. This organization will assist students with hands on experience in the various
    styles of fashion, and modeling. This organization seeks to promote personal growth, networking skills, communication skills,
    and potential for overall success that will lead to developing skills in leadership in different areas.

    Meeting Time/Place: Monday (occasional), Tuesday, Wednesday

    COACH/Sponsor : Karon Johnson

    Purpose: Our mission statement includes promoting discipline, academic enrichment, good sportsmanship, accountability, and respect through dance. Our organization competes and performs throughout the United States while representing not only ourselves, our schools, but our community. Our organization encompasses a mandatory study hall, prerequisite GPA, and community service. We participate in student learning activities through dance and love to fellowship with each other in efforts to sustain a sisterhood. Our goals are to reach the surrounding areas with our love for dance through community service projects, hosting events, and performance/competitions. We are currently composed of 47 middle and high school dancers from Gwynn Park Middle and High School. Majority of our dancers have been introduced to a professional dance environment nor have been exposed to dance in such a profound matter. The dance team studies genres of dance such as: Jazz, Pom Pon, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet and Modern.

    Normal Meeting day/time: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 2:40 to 5:00 pm

    Approximate membership: 50