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  • COVID-19 Parental Consent for Testing and Release of Information Form

    When students return to school on Tuesday, January 18th, testing will be critical to maintaining safe schools.  We highly encourage families to register their child for weekly random testing, a highly effective mitigation strategy for COVID-19.


    Capitol and CIAN Diagnostics has partnered with PGCPS to provide random COVID-19 testing to any PGCPS student with a testing consent form on file.  10% of Hyattsville MS students will be randomly selected to be tested each week.  
    The school nurse will also be able to test students if they present with COVID-19 symptoms or is identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
    The test is done by inserting a small swab into your child’s nose to collect cells that may contain evidence of viral infection.  Students will enter a room one at a time for testing, and will not come into contact with other students while testing.  
    Students cannot be tested for COVID-19 without a consent form on file.  Please complete the registration link below and enter the school code.

    HMS @ Meadowbrook
    Testing will occur on Mondays at 2:00pm
    school code- PGHMS

    HMS @ Robert Goddard
    Testing will occur on Mondays at 2:00pm
    school code- PGRGMGM

    HMS @ Thomas Stone 
    Testing will occur on Tuesdays at 10:00am

    If you are unable to access technology, please complete the paper consent form below and return it to by email.  Forms can also be returned to the school nurse at the school where your child attends.


    Hyattsville MS @ Meadowbrook and Robert Goddard:  Once parents are registered with Capitol Diagnostics, test results can be viewed online by visiting the registration link, clicking on "check my results," and entering the school code.  Test results will not be given over the phone.  Parents who don't have access to technology can call #301-498-0340 to make a test result request.  Results will then be emailed to the parent.

     Hyattsville MS @ Thomas Stone:  CIAN Diagnostics will send parents with an electronic registration form on file, a link each week to view their child's test results.  Parents who don't have access to technology can call 240-396-4343 for results.

    If your child has been tested by the school nurse because they've exhibited COVID-19 symptoms or have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you will be contacted directly with results.

    For random testing, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests will be conducted.  Results are usually available within 72 hours.  Results from rapid COVID tests that are conducted by the school nurse are available within 15 minutes.
    The Frontline Health Portal app will be discontinued  on January 30, 2022.  Individuals should continue to monitor for symptoms daily following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidelines.


    To ensure that our staff and students remain safe during COVID, we continue to do the following:
    • Encourage the COVID vaccination
    • Require masks inside of the school for students, staff and visitors regardless of vaccination status
    • Require social distancing and hand washing/hand sanitizing to prevent the transmission of COVID-19
    • Sanitize the building and high touch areas daily
    • Provide COVID testing
    • Conduct contact tracing for positive COVID cases