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Parent Distance Learning Etiquette

Parent Distance Learning Etiquette

  • For Parents |
  • August 29, 2020

The PGCPS Technology Training Team has compiled best practices to help parents and guardians be good partners in education during distance learning! 

  • Be mindful that the online classroom is in fact a classroom and not the appropriate time to engage or add comments during the teachers’ instructional time with the class.  

  • Remember that school is a safe space for students to demonstrate their understanding so teachers are able to identify areas of weakness in order to differentiate instruction to strengthen students' skillset. 

  • Communication: schedule an appointment to discuss your child’s progress with his/her teacher. 

  • Do not interrupt, engage, or interact with the teacher during live instruction. Remember, schedule an appointment to talk to the teacher.

  • Recording instructional sessions without permission is prohibited.

  • Assist your child with their work as needed, but do not complete or supply answers. 

  • Treat teachers with respect, in email, or any other communication. 

When sending an email to teachers and school staff: 

  • Use a descriptive subject line. 

  • Be clear about the issue you'd like addressed and desired outcome.  

  • Include your child's full name and your name and contact information. 

  • Kindly allow a 48 hour response time to parent emails.