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    John Hanson Montessori has and continues to exceeds my expectations. My son is doing an outstanding job and is even learning how to read, as a 3 year old. His teachers (Ms. Tuano and Ms. Avery) are great and partner with me in educating my child.
    .... JHMS parent


    I wrote an Rating of 5/5 APPLES - informing readers of email that stated: " I am a TRUE BELIEVER of the program at this school; because they provide a warm, loving environment where your child can feel comfortable and safe. They encourage children to discover new knowledge, to create and work out relationships with others; therefore, openly allowing their students (with guidance) to express and acquire new skills and interests with one another !!! The teachers at this school "Primary Goal" is Caring For The Children.
    ...SWB JHMS Parent

    The PTSA at John Hanson is outstanding. The teachers are committed to providing a quality education here in the southern part of Prince George's county. Parental involvement, talented students, school board funding, caring teachers, community support and diligent administrators are key to helping our Eagles soar!
    ...VMM JHMS Parent

    The Montessori method of learning teaches children to be analytical and independent thinkers, lovers of learning and highly self-motivated. John Hanson as one of only a handle of public Montessori schools in our nation embodies Dr. Maria Montessori teaching methodology and yet balances the rigors of required state testing for a public school. Our students excel on every level: academics, arts, instrumental, sports, and languages. We're proud to be eagles.

    ... JHMS Staff and Parent
    Source - Great Schools