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    Talented and gifted: pull - out Program 
    Program Overview 
    The Prince George’s County Public Schools Program for the intellectually gifted is designed to meet the following objectives:
    To provide regularly scheduled opportunities for students to meet with their intellectual peers;
    To provide a learning environment in which instructional strategies appropriate to the unique learning characteristics of the intellectually gifted are utilized;
    To provide opportunities for individuals and/or small groups to utilize advanced research/study skills in designing and conducting independent investigations on topics of student interest (passion projects);
    To acquire advanced competencies in:
    • higher level thinking skills
    • research skills
    • study skills
    • communication skills
    • problem solving skills
    • creative thinking skills
    • critical thinking skills
    To develop an understanding of the purposes and processes of self and group evaluation;
    Curricula Overview
    The TAG Pull-out Program in Prince George’s County Public Schools at the elementary level is designed for TAG identified students to meet together for a minimum of two hours per week from October – June each year, 30 – 32 weeks of instruction. Students will be released from regular classes during this time. Separate groups will be maintained for primary (grades 2 and 3) and intermediate (grades 4 and 5) students.
    TAG Curriculum Implementation Plan
    A curriculum plan has been developed to use over a two-year period for primary TAG students and a two year period for intermediate students. This will assure that students will not repeat any of the content and that the sequence of skills followed its developmental.
    Each TAG curriculum is comprised of a core focus unit, a research focus unit, and a literacy focus unit, all of which are interdisciplinary.
    Talented And Gifted: TEAM

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    Our Vision and Goals

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    Identification Process

    TAG identification involves a balance of quantitative and qualitative measures following very specific procedures which include:

    • Global Testing – all students are tested in grades 1 and 3.  Students may also be nominated in grades 2 and 4 through 7.
    • Multiple criteria – selection for the TAG program is based on the assessment of a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures which are aligned to meet the National Association of Gifted Children Exemplary Standards.
    • Committee Recommendation – a group of school based professional educators analyze all appropriate data regarding placement recommendations.  The TAG supervisor or Specialist reviews, approves, processes, and codes TAG-identified students.
    • Re-screening – yearly, TAG re-screens are initiated and monitored by the TAG Office.  Students with qualifying test data, who do not qualify in other areas are recommended for re-screening later that year or first quarter of the next school year. 

    Here is a copy of the PGCPS' Identification Process.