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  • Who is Margaret Brent?

    Who Was Margaret Brent?-Margaret Brent (c. 1601 – c. 1671), an English immigrant to the Colony of Maryland, settled in its new capitol, St. Mary's City, Maryland. She was the first woman in the English North American colonies to appear before a court of the common law. She was a significant founding settler in the early histories of the colonies of Maryland and VirginiaLeonard Calvert, Governor of the Maryland Colony, appointed her as the executrix of his estate in 1647, at a time of political turmoil and risk to the future of the settlement. She helped ensure soldiers were paid and given food to keep their loyalty to the colony,[1] thereby very likely having saved the colony from violent mutiny,[1] although her actions were taken negatively by the absentee colonial proprietor in England, Cecil Calvert, the second Lord Baltimore,[1] and so ultimately she paid a great price for her efforts and was forced to leave the colony.[1]