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    The Spanish Immersion Program Curriculum is the same curriculum as established by PGCPS, but in Spanish. Is designed for English-speaking students who wish to become fluent in Spanish. All subjects are taught in Spanish. In second grade students begin to have an English class. Our school has integrated differentiation strategies, arts, and STEAM to further enrich the holistic development of students.The inherent nature of this program creates an active parent-school partnership, which is essential for the success of the program and the student.




    Program table 

                              - Spanish
    (Group Participation | Notebooks/journals | Active participation in whole/ small group discussions | Completion of classroom assignments, including independent reading | Online practice through Clever applications) Oral/Written Communication (Group Participation | Grammar assignments | Writing process pieces | Completion of classroom assignments)
      - Reading and Language Arts
    Reading (Group and/or individual participation | Brief oral/written responses to texts | Class discussion | Graphic organizers | Online practice through Clever applications) Oral/Written Communication (Group and/or individual participation | Brief oral/written responses | Class discussion | Spelling/ Grammar/ Vocabulary assignments | Presentation and activities | Online practice through Clever applications)

    - Math 
    Number and Operations — Fractions | Number & Operations in Base Ten | Operations & Algebraic Thinking | Measurement & Data | Geometry 

      - Science
    Earth & Space Science | Physical Science | Life Science
      - Social Studies/Health
    Civics-Our Roles and Responsibilities | History-Celebrating Diversity and Traditions | Geography-As the World Turns | Economics- The National Economy
      - Specialty subjects taught by others educators

      Art - 45 minutes
      Music - 45 minutes
      Physical Education - 45 minutes
      Media - 45 minutes
      Technology - 45 minutes



    STEAM Club          STEAM Students will learn STEAM activities.        
    Math Club  Math Club Students will reinforce math skills and learn the progression of Mathematics.
    Comic Book Club       Wow! Students Develop drawing skills & work on comic book covers.
    Chess Club         Chess

    Students improve memorization by having to retain short and long-term moves and moves.

    Students will develop the capacity for attention and concentration.

    T25 Fitness Club   Students will learn the importance of how to keep their body active and healthy.
    Cooking Club        Cooking Club Students can learn about how to cook, take measures, read recipes and enjoy the food.
    Overlook Honors Chorus                    Sing Students will continue learning how to read music, interpret meanings from song selections, improve vocal techniques, and learn to be expressive singers. Most importantly, they will have fun singing and working together to make beautiful music!
    Basketball Skills Club       Basketball Skills Club Students will learn basic skills for basketball.
    Morning News Club
    Morning News
    Students will research information, learn brainstorming techniques, journalism, voice training, and strengthen their writing skills and vocabulary.
    Book Club        Book Club Students develop reading and comprehension skills.