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  • Spanish Immersion

    Immersion Program

    The Spanish Immersion program is a program where students learn the same curriculum as Prince George's County Public School in Spanish. All subjects such as: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Health, Social Studies are totally in Spanish.

    Also, special classes such as: Art, Music, Physical Education, Media and Technology are also taught in Spanish. Students must start in the program from Kindergarten in order to build the language foundation to be used in the following grades. In second grade they begin to receive one hour of English Language Arts instruction daily.

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    Why learn a second language? 

    1. It grows kid's brains.

    2. It boosts test scores in core subjects.

    3. It boosts kid's abilities in their native language.

    4. It boosts empathy.

    5. It helps prevent age-related cognitive decline.

    6. It boosts cross-cultural understanding.

    7. It boosts career opportunities.

    8. It boosts salaries.

    9. It makes travel more fun.

    10. It can increase out of the box thinking.

    11. It's fun! 

    Why Second Language