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  • Special Activities



    Safety Patrols

    Being chosen to become a Safety Patrol is an honor and accomplishment.  Students who are chosen are recommended by an adult who recognizes this student to being a leader.  These leaders accept the responsibility to obey and set the standard of Safe behavior in and out of school. 


    The Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports program promotes successful learning and social development of students.  Every two weeks select students with good behavior have their pictures taken and posted in the hallway and get a certificate.  Every month all students with good behavior attend a party.

    Math Incentive 

    In order to promote increased involvement in student's knowledge of math facts there will be a quarterly math fact challenge.  All students in grades 3rd through 5th will compete with the students in their grade to determine who knows their math facts the best. 

    Reading Incentive

    This year we will have 2 reading incentive programs.  The Book It Program and the Six Flags Reading Club.  These programs will help maintain the goal to have all students read at least 30 minutes everyday at home.  Spend that quality family time together reading a book.  Students meeting their reading goals will be rewarded and recognized with their names posted on the outside of the classroom, monthly coupons for Pizza Hut, and/or one free ticket to Six Flags America for the summer.

    Character Education

    Each month students will focus on a different character education words such as: respectful, orderly, attentive, responsible, honesty, caring, trustworthiness, and citizenship.  There will be a daily announcement with the definition and example of the word.  Every month the counselor will visit the classrooms and present a lesson on the word of the month. 

    Extended Learning Opportunity 

    Robert Frost Extended Learning Program allows identified students in grades 3rd-th to participate in enrichment activities designed to improve reading and math skills. It also offers homework help and study time in a quiet educational environment.