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    Our green journey began with one teacher who had a ton of ideas, goals, and hopes for our school.  At first all green efforts were teacher lead. Being green has now spread to all 779 students and 70 staff members at Scotchtown Hills Elementary.  Over the years our school has evolved to a student centered approach to being green. Our students now take charge of our recycling program. They recycle paper, plastic, glass, cans, markers, glue sticks, ink cartridges, and more through the school day.  Being green has become second nature for us. Students are constantly finding new ways to repurpose items and our eager to show their ideas to their teachers and classmates. The students take what they have learned at school and apply those same green techniques at home and in the community.  The students and staff take pride in the fact that we are all working together to reduce our carbon footprint on the world.