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  • History of Surrattsville

    Information shared by the members of the Surrattsville High School Foundation:

    Updated early history

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    early historical notes2









    1950 history



    These "Facts About Surrattsville" appeared in the Clinton VFD Old Timers Club's 2006 calendar (along with lots of great historical photos of Clinton): 

    "In 1869 it was a small white frame building with adjoining stable and outside plumbing fixtures.  In 1907, on June 3rd, Surratts had its first graduate, Blanche Teresa Hurtt.  In 1917 a new two story frame structure was built.  In 1919 the old school building was sold.  In 1948 two rooms were added to the two story frame.  In 1952 a new annex building, containing a modern cafeteria, multi-purpose room, gymnasium, home economics facilities, science lab and six classrooms, was added. 

    School Colors: 1907: blue and gray; 1929: blue and gold; 1944: maroon and gold; 1950: green and white.  Yearbooks: 1929: The Blue and Gold; 1938: The Shield; 1944: Salmagundi (Spanish for mixture of things); 1946 - Present: The Boomerang. 

    Alma Mater: written by Rosa Ferris in 1951


    Mr. Eugene Burroughs, 1898 - 1899, 1901, 1914; 

    Mr. Arthur Meloy, 1899-1901; 

    Mr. T. B. Gwynn, 1914-1918; 

    Mrs. MacKay, 1918-1922; 

    Mr. Summers, 1922-1927;

     Mr. High, 1927; 

    Mr. Truman Klein, 1927-1942;

     Mr. John Bond, 1942-1948;

     Mr. John M. Pryde, 1948-1967;

     Mr. Kalman J. Vozar, 1967-1970;

     Mr. Donald Buck, 1971-1977, 

    Dr. Mildred Biedenkapp, 1977-1981;

     Mr. Eugene Colgan, 1981-1993, 

    Mr. Robert Dredger, 1993-1995;

     Mrs. Francis Collins, 1995-1998; 

    Mr. William Barnes, 1998-2005; 

    Ms. Alice Swift-Howard, 2005-2009; 

    Ms. Kristi Holden, 2009-2016, 

    Ms. Katrina Lamont, 2016-Present.