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  • Procedures for Grade Appeal

    Procedures for Grade Appeal 

    Within five (5) days upon receipt of a report card by the parent/guardian, report card grades may be appealed in writing. The steps of the appeal process is as follows: 

    1) The parent/guardian will confer with the teacher and provide the reason(s) for appealing the grade. If the parent/guardian is dissatisfied with the resolution they may appeal the teacher’s decision to the principal or designee.

    2) The principal or designed will confer with the parent/guardian and teacher, make decision and provide a written response. This decision will be included in the cumulative folder. 

    3) If the principal deems that a quarter grade submitted for a student should be different than what is reflected on the report card, the principal is required to submit a Grade Change Authorization Form (Form PS-140) to the School Instructional Team (SIT) with evidence and rationale for changing the grade. The decision of the SIT must be conveyed to the teacher that submitted the grade within 48 hours. 

    4) If the parent/guardian wishes to appeal the principal’s decision, he/she will request a conference with the Area Associate Superintendent. A further appeal may be made to the Office of Appeals. 

    5) Appeals of grades will be considered if they are based on one or more of the following reasons: 

        a. There is an allegation of an error in averaging or in data entry. 

        b. There is an allegation that factors other than those established at the beginning of the school year were used to determine the grade. 

        c. There is an allegation of personal teacher bias.

     6) At each level of appeal, the written decision must be provided to the parent, student and teacher. The request and written decision also must be included in the cumulative folder. 

    7) At any level of the appeal, if a grade change is authorized, a Grade Change Authorization Form (Form PS-140) must be completed.