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    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. Throughout this school year, we will work together to achieve EXCELLENCE without EXCUSES in your academic and social growth. Students feel free to ask any of the staff members, teachers, guidance counselors, or administrators, for assistance as you strive to achieve your academic goals. 

    Walker Mill is a mandatory uniform school and your compliance to the dress code will be an important step in achieving a successful school experience. 

    I am excited to be a part of the Walker Mill Community.   I look forward to working with you throughout the school year to achieve EXCELLENCE without EXCUSES 

    Best Wishes, 

    Mrs.  Erin V. Cribbs, Principal


    The school’s responsibility for students begins when you board the bus and arrive on the school grounds. Our school hours are from 9:30 am – 4:10 pm. Once you arrive at school, you may not leave school property without permission from an administrator. Adult supervision begins at 9:00 am. All students should plan to arrive at school no earlier than 9:00 am. Upon arrival, all students should follow the directions of all staff members on duty as to where they should report. Sixth graders are to report to the cafeteria and seventh and eighth graders will report to the gymnasium. Students may eat breakfast in the cafeteria. They will be dismissed to their lockers beginning at 9:15 am. The late bell rings for ALL students at 9:30 am. 


    Students who are consistently absent will be referred to the Pupil Personnel Worker for action and may be considered grounds for retention based on the number of days absent.

    Bus transportation is provided to students who live more than two miles from school. All bus riders are expected to follow the school bus rules and obey the bus driver. Any student who fails to follow the bus rules may lose his/her privilege to ride the bus. Riding the bus is a privilege NOT a right! Students requesting permission to ride a different bus must bring a written request from parents to receive approval from administrator prior to riding the bus.

    School Bus Expectations

    1. Good students cooperate with and respect the bus driver at all times. 

    2. Good students remain seated while the bus is in motion. 

    3. Good students keep all parts of their bodies inside the bus at all times.

    4. Good students refrain from throwing objects out of the bus windows or inside the bus. 

    5. Good students avoid all physical aggression (pushing, shoving or fighting). 

    6. Good students keep the bus aisle clear at all times. 

    7. Good students refrain from eating or drinking on the bus. 

    8. Good students use their inside voices at all times. 

    9. Good students refrain from littering or vandalizing the bus in any way. 

    10. Good students cooperate with and respect the bus driver at all times

    After School Activity Transportation

    Students who participate in after school activities/programs are responsible for coordinating their own transportation home.  The athletic program does provide transportation to and from the schools where games are played however, after the game students must coordinate their transportation from Walker Mill Middle to home .


    In order to insure the safety of all students, bicycles may NOT be ridden to school. The school cannot be responsible for bicycles.


    Maryland State Law requires students to attend school regularly every day. Regular attendance is a must if you want to succeed and do well in school. The teachers, guidance counselor, and administrators monitor students’ attendance very closely (during every MOD). Parents will be called when the students are absent from school. Parents may call the school anytime a student is absent. Upon their students’ return parents are responsible to provide valid documentation explaining the absence.  When the student is absent and returns to school the student must give the main office a note from home. The note should contain the reason for being absent, dates of absence, and parent’s signature. If a student is absent for more than three days (excused absence), your parents/guardian should call the guidance office to request assignments from your teachers. Teachers should be allowed 48 hour notice in advance of requesting assignments. If the student is absent for more than five days the student must bring a note from the doctor explaining the absence. If you do not bring in a signed note stating a legal reason for being absent, your absence is considered illegal and unexcused. The State of Maryland considers the following lawful reasons for being absent: 

    •  Death in immediate family 
    • Violent Storm 
    • Illness of the student 
    • Observance of religious holiday 
    • Court summons 
    • Quarantine 
    •  State Emergency.   

    Book Bags 

    Students are responsible for the textbooks and educational materials that are issued to them throughout the school year. Textbooks are a major expense for the school and must be cared for properly. In the event that a book is lost or damaged, the cost of the book will be assessed to the student. Replacement books, grades, activities, and recognition assemblies will be withheld until payment is made for lost and/or damaged books. Backpacks are permitted to school but not be to be carried during the school day unless the backpacks are of clear or mesh material. Large bags or large purses are also not permitted during class transitions. All other backpacks and large bags must fit in and be stored in students’ lockers upon arrival at school. If a child refuses to place his/her bag into the locker it will be confiscated by an administrator and held until the parent can pick up. 


    The cafeteria is your dining room at school. Lunch and breakfast is served in the cafeteria each day. If lunch is not purchased at school, it is the student’s responsibility to bring one from home. All food is to be eaten only in the cafeteria. The students are responsible for cleaning up the table and surrounding areas. Good manners and proper conduct will be expected at all times. All students will be issued a Personal Identification Number for use in the cafeteria. Keep your PIN number safe and memorize it by the first week of school. Students will need their PIN number to purchase anything from the cafeteria. The PIN account may also be used like a personal debit card to purchase lunch. Breakfast is served from 9:00 am – 9:30 am in the cafeteria. There are several lunch periods scheduled throughout the day. Students should plan to eat a good breakfast every day to get the day started.


    Care of School Property

    Students are responsible for the proper care of all books, equipment, supplies, and furniture supplied by the school. Students who deface or damage school property and equipment will be required to pay for the damage done.


    A teacher or administrator may find it necessary to assign a student to before or after school detention due to misbehavior, excessive tardiness, or other reasons. The student will receive a detention notice to bring home to parents informing them of the date of the assigned detention prior to the detention date. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make appropriate arrangements for transportation home after detention. The teacher will determine when the detention is served. Should the student miss detention, he/she may be suspended.

    Emergency Drills

    Emergency drills are regularly scheduled and constitute one of our most important safety precautions. All students are expected to obey the alarm, follow the directions, and exit the building prescribed by the assigned route in a quick and orderly manner. Students may not bring items with them during a fire drill and may not return to the building until directed by their administrator and/or teacher.

    Professional School Counselors

    Your professional school counselors are here to assist you in being successful in middle school. You may make an appointment to see your school counselor with the guidance secretary. The counselor will see you as soon as possible to help you develop good study habits, get along with others, and cope with personal issues and concerns.

    Hall Pass

    We will be using the E-Hall Pass System. Each student will request a pass from their teacher using the system. The students will check out and check in to class. 

    Health Room

    A full time nurse is on duty at all times in the health room day. If you become ill, the teacher will issue you a hall pass to go to the health room where you will be given assistance or your parents will be contacted. Students may not carry or use ANY pills, or over the counter medications or substances and/or medication in school unless administered by the nurse. No medications can be administered by anyone at school without a physician’s orders. Failure to adhere to this administrative policy will result in an expulsion request. Parents need to notify the nurse if a student requires medication or special consideration during the school day!

    Inclement weather information

    In case it becomes necessary to close school because of inclement weather, dangerous conditions, or other emergencies, school-closing announcements will be broadcast over local radio and television stations. Please do NOT call the school for information. Inclement weather days do NOT count towards days served for students who are on suspension. Students will not be permitted to call home in the event of early school closings. Families should develop a plan for emergencies.


    Every student will be assigned a locker for the school year. All students are responsible for keeping their locker neat and orderly at all times. Use only the locker assigned to you! Be sure to keep your locker locked at all times. It is your responsibility NOT to share your locker combination with anyone. All personal items such as coats, noncompliant book bags, umbrellas, lunches, etc. are to be kept in your locker. Students may only use their locker at AM arrival and in the PM at dismissal.

    Make sure the locker is closed securely before leaving then spin the dial several times to clear the combination to prevent break-ins.

    Lost and Found

    Lost and Found items such as textbooks, key, glasses, pieces of clothing, etc.will be located in the office. It is your responsibility to report and/or return any lost items immediately.

    Media Center

    The media center hours will be determined. Please listen for announcements. You may go to the media center only with a pass from the media specialist, teacher, or an administrator. Each student is responsible for any materials that are checked out of the media center.

    PED (Personal Electronic Devices)

    It is strongly recommended that personal items such as cameras, cell phones, I Pods, MP3 players, video games, and other such items are left home. Some PED may be allowed but only used for instructional purposes as directed by the teacher. Cell phones ARE to be out of sight and NOT heard unless used for instructional purposes. Cell phones may not be used to record video, audio, or taking pictures during school hours. If the items are visible repeatedly, a teacher or administrator may confiscate them. (See County’s PED policy for further details.) The school is NOT responsible for ANY personal property brought to school. Large sums of money and articles of value should NOT be brought to school. The school will NOT replace missing or stolen items.

    Students Selling items in School

    Students may NOT sell ANYTHING in school or on school property without the permission of the school administration. Violators are subject to suspension.


    It is necessary to have all students in their classrooms ready to work and learn on time. If you are late, you take away instructional time from your teacher. Being on time is a good skill to develop for the rest of your life. Students must be in their homeroom class by 9:30 a.m. If you arrive at school after 9:30am, you must stop at the main office to receive a late slip in order to enter your class. If you do not have a note signed by your parent/guardian giving a lawful reason for being late, it is an unexcused tardy. Students who are consistently late to school will receive various disciplinary actions. 


    Walker Mill Middle School is a mandatory uniform school. 6th graders wear hunter green polo shirts, 7th graders wear burgundy polo shirts, and 8th graders wear navy blue polo shirts. Students must wear khaki pants, shorts, or skirts for the young ladies. See Uniform Policy for detailed dress code.

    Violations to the Student Code of Conduct

    Students will participate in two (2) Code of Conduct assemblies throughout the school year. The Code of Conduct outlines their student Rights and Responsibilities and consequences for violations of school policies. Possible examples of consequences are: being placed on the “No Activity” list, which means exclusion from school related activities, time-out, parent calls, detention, In-school suspension, short and long term suspension, and expulsion.


    We encourage parents and guardians to visit our school and your student’s classes. All visitors must first report to the Main Office to receive a Visitor’s Pass that must be visible during your visit. Students who do not attend Walker Mill Middle may NOT visit the school or classes during school hours. This includes friends and relatives. The administration has the right to ask ANY visitor to leave the school property at any time. Parents picking up students for early dismissal must produce valid ID and must arrive prior to 3:40pm.


    Grades are a reflection of student progress and success in class. Grades are reported to students and parents on a regular basis and we encourage parents to confer with the teacher regarding student grades and progress. Parents may access their student’s grades daily via the parent portal of SchoolMax. During the fifth week of each grading period students will be issued a printed progress report to take home. This report is done to alert and inform parents of student academic progress. Parents/guardians are encouraged to sign and return Progress Reports with low grades.

    Four times per school year report cards are issued to students. These quarterly reports indicate the student’s performance in each course or class. Students are graded in the areas of mastery of content, testing, completion of assignments, classroom performance, work habits and attendance. Letter grades are given for each course and defined as: 

    A - Student has achieved success in all course goals. 

    B- Student achieved success in most of the course goals. 

    C- Student achieved success in basic course goals. 

    D- Student achieved success in few of course goals. 

    E- Student has not achieved any success in course goals. 

    All students will receive, during the first week of enrollment, an explanation of teacher grading policies and classroom expectations.


    Homework is an important part of the school program and should always be completed and turned into your teacher. Missing assignments can dramatically impact your grade. Students and parents should expect about 30 minutes of homework each night in every subject. Homework can be in many forms and is designed to supplement class work, reinforce current learning, and provide practice of specific skills and concepts. Parents should be supportive of homework by providing a quiet work environment, having needed supplies, and monitoring assignments and projects. Students may contact their “study buddy” to get assignments, notes, or assistance as needed if absent from class.





    3 Inch Binder or larger with clear cover and inside pockets


    packs of filler paper wide ruled


    1 student planner with holes (Grade 7 and 8 only)*


    Subject Wireless Notebook (Blue)


    Pocket Folder 3 hole punched (Blue)


    Subject Wireless Notebook (Red)


    Pocket Folder 3 hole punched (Red)


    1 Subject Wireless Notebook (Yellow)


    Pocket Folder 3 hole punched (Yellow)


    1 Subject Wireless Notebook (Green)


    Pocket Folder 3 hole punched (Green)


    1 Subject Wireless Notebook (Black)


    Pocket Folder 3 hole punched (Black)


    1 Subject Wireless Notebook (Orange


    Pocket Folder 3 hole punched (Orange)


    1 Zipper Pencil Pouch (3 hole punch)


    2 Boxes of Pencils


    2 Boxes of Pens


    1 Box of Markers


    3 Glue Sticks


    1 Scissors (Student Safety Scissors)


    1 Pair of earbuds or headphones


    1 Box of Kleenex (Bring on the first day) 


    1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer (Bring on the first day) 



    Walker Mill Middle school has adopted a school-wide organizational system for SY 19-20 to help our students with academic success. This binder will be used as a vehicle for home and school communication. Each color represents a subject (Blue- Math, Green- Reading/Language Arts, Red-Science, Yellow-Social Studies and Black-Creative Arts Orange- Creative Arts). Parents are encouraged to purchase additional supplies for later in the school year.


    Students who are taking physical education classes MUST wear a uniform. The compliance of this uniform is included in the student’s daily P.E. grade. Information from the P.E. department will be sent to the parents regarding the purchase of the uniform. You may also call the school for more information.


    Discipline: Please send your child to school with the expectation that they will learn in a disciplined and positive classroom environment. Every child must cooperate by listening and following directions so the teacher can utilize every moment for teaching and learning. Teasing, bullying, fighting, using inappropriate language, or being disrespectful to teachers and classmates will not be tolerated. The Student Code of Conduct Handbook will be adhered to at all times. A school-wide discipline plan will be implemented and discussed with students. Thank you for supporting our endeavors to maintain a positive child centered learning environment.


    In order to maintain a positive environment, it is essential that ALL people play an active role by speaking to and with one another in a polite positive manner. We are dedicated to the elimination of abusive, negative, and profane or course language. Everyone at Walker Mill has the right to expect RESPECT. Any student whose conduct is in violation of our Code of Conduct and procedures can expect any member of the school staff to call attention to that violation and give the necessary consequence.