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    A Place Called Hope In A Caring Community, Where Everyone Practices:   

    • Respect   
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    • Caring   
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    "Integrating communication and technology to prepare students for the 21st Century"  

    Community of Caring School 

    William Paca Elementary School has adopted the program of "Community of Caring School” which is designed as a school-based value in education that is aimed at preventing self-destructive behaviors in students. Students learn to make responsible decisions, build self-esteem, and communicate more effectively as they work with the five universal core values: Respect, Trust, Caring, Responsibility, and Family. Community of Caring serves as the umbrella for our school’s initiative of maintaining a safe and orderly environment.   


    William Paca Elementary School creates a safe, caring, and nurturing environment that utilizes the diverse talents of the staff and community to encourage all students to achieve excellence as they mature intellectually, emotionally, and socially. The vision is achieved as parents and teachers forge a partnership to maintain standards of excellence in instruction and student performance.  


    Under the guidance of our administrative team, the staff has made a commitment to prepare our diverse student population for life in the 21st century by dedicating itself to continued professional growth, excellence in delivery of instruction, and monitoring of student progress. Within a safe and orderly environment in which all members of the William Paca community are treated with respect, cultural diversity is celebrated! Our mission is to encourage students to become life-long learners who will use their knowledge to enrich their lives, their community, and their world.


    We believe in the establishment of a supportive work environment in which all staff members are encouraged to express their personal and professional opinions regarding decisions that are in the best interest of all students. We believe that all students have the ability to learn and become productive citizens in the 21st century, that they have the right to a challenging, high-quality education with measurable results. We believe that all teachers have the responsibility to apply the highest academic standards of instructional excellence that challenges all children to develop mathematical, linguistic, visual, musical, social, spatial, physical, and naturalistic intelligences. We believe that in the best interest of children, parents and teachers must work hand in hand in an open and positive manner that shows appreciation and support for one another. We believe that administration, staff, parents and community must make a commitment to challenge students to be inquisitive, imaginative, independent thinkers who communicate effectively through a wide range of oral, visual, and written experiences. The fulfillment of these beliefs depends upon commitment by administration, staff, students, parents, and community to the pursuit of excellence in education.