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    Become a Student Member of the Board of Education


    NOTE: Because of the difficulty some students will have with getting all of the required signatures and recommendations, Mr Moody will accept incomplete application packets without the required signatures and recommendations.  Once schools have been reopened, all required signatures and recommendations must be submitted.  This will allow me to see how many applicants to expect for the interview process. 

    Section 3-1002(g) of the Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, provides that the Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB) of Prince George’s County be elected at a special election meeting of the delegates of Prince George’s Regional Association of Student Governments (PGRASG) to be held annually.  The Prince George’s County Board of Education and the PGRASG approved the election process for the SMOB in October 1999, followed by the State Legislature’s approval during the 2000 Legislative Session.

    The process for electing the SMOB of Prince George’s County shall be as follows:

    • All students interested in SMOB candidacy must be a current sophomore or junior in a Prince George’s County public school and must have a 3.0 or higher grade point average from the preceding quarter.  Each interested applicant must complete and submit the nomination packet to the Office of Student Engagement and School Support by the date specified, which shall be at least two weeks before the special election meeting of PGRASG.
    • The nomination packet must be received in the Office of Student Engagement and School Support no later than 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.  The packet must be emailed to

    Each eligible student who completes and files a timely nomination packet will proceed to the interview stage.  Each student will be interviewed by the Candidate Screening Committee, which shall consist of the following individuals: the current SMOB; the President of PGRASG; one of the High School Advocates; one Middle School or High School SGA Advisor which may not be from a school with a candidate; one G.O.L.D. mentor; and one Middle School Advocate.  In the event that the current SMOB is seeking re-election for a second term, a second high school advocate shall be assigned to the Candidate Screening Committee.

    • The Candidate Screening Committee shall interview each of the nominees, and each student will be asked no more than ten (10) questions that have been written and reviewed by members of the committee.
    • Each student will be asked to research, prepare, and present a five-minute presentation that addresses a current state or county educational issue. 
    • After the above referenced process has been completed, the committee will move the names of two (2) candidates forward.  These candidates will be presented for consideration at a meeting with the delegates at the General Assembly of PGRASG.  Representatives from the Prince George’s County Board of Elections will facilitate the election process for PGRASG Officers and the SMOB.  A bank of five (5) voting machines will be provided on the day of elections for delegate use.  In the event that the Board of Elections is unable to facilitate the voting process, delegates will vote using paper ballots.
    • On Election Day, each candidate will have the opportunity to present a five (5) minute speech to the PGRASG delegates, followed by a ten (10) minute question and answer period.  Upon completion of this process, the PGRASG voting delegates will elect the new SMOB for the upcoming school year.  A candidate must receive a majority of the votes from the voting delegates. 

    Any questions should be directed to the Mr. Richard Moody, Supervisor, Office of Student Engagement and School Support, at 301-749-4379.

    Download application packet  >>