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    This fall in PGCPS schools, all backpacks must be clear.  Students will not be permitted to carry other bags or backpacks besides the school issued Chromebook cases.  Clear backpacks with school supplies were distributed to all students on Thursday, Sept 21.  Lockers were issued to allstudents by the end of September.  Agenda books for recording assignments and school events will also be distributed as soon as they arrive.  At this point students must store any non-clear bags in their locker upon arrival to school.

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    Due to the current PGCPS bus driver shortage the following routes do not have permanent drivers. These routes will be covered with substitute drivers or drivers working extra routes.  Please be aware that pick-up and drop-off times may be affected.

    AM Routes: 602, 620, 622 (2), 628, 632, 633
    PM Routes: 598, 602, 606, 610, 616, 622, 624, 628, 632, 522, 634
    Please keep us informed of any transportation concerns you are having.  While we don't control the assignment and management of PGCPS busses, we can often assist with resolving problems as long as we are aware and understand the specific situation, especially when it pertains to bus stops or routing concerns that affect multiple students from a neighborhood.  To help us most effectively work to resolve a concern, please complete this form:

    DDEMS Bus Transportation Concerns

    TITLE I Notifications

    DDEMS is excited to announce that we have qualified for additional support as a TItle I school this year. The purpose of Title I is to provide all children a significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education and to close educational achievement gaps. 

    A restricted grant provides supplementary funding to improve the teaching and learning of students. Funds are to be used only for programs that supplement, and do not supplant, the services that would be provided in the absence of these funds.

    In the coming weeks, please look for more information on monthly parent workshops, an extended day learning opportunity for students who need academic support, and multiple opportunities to extend learning outside the classroom through field trip experiences.

    Please see the information below to learn more about what we are doing to provide excellent opportunities for all students to succeed.

    Parent Right to Know Letter:
    EnglishSpanish, and French 
    Title I District Parent Policy:


    Administrative Procedure 5111, Registration and Withdrawal of Students, requires updated proof of residence when your child enters a different school for any reason.  The residency requirement is established by State law (COMAR) and further clarified by local Board of Education policy and administrative procedures. A recent review of your child(ren) student record determined than an updated Student Registration and proof of residence has not been completed online.  Please visit select Transitional Enrollment and upload updated proof of residence.

    Read the full letter from PGCPS here.


    As you know, PGCPS requires that you earn a minimum of 24 Student Service Learning hours at a nonprofit organization by your 12th grade year. These hours can be completed during the day while in the school building or at another non-profit organization outside of regular school hours. 8th graders, this is VERY IMPORTANT. You must earn at least 8 Student Service Learning hours this school year in order to advance to the 9th grade. We encourage you not to wait until the last minute; GET THE HOURS DONE NOW! Here is a link to the SSL website provided by PGCPS. This is where you can find all information you need to know including suggestions of places to obtain hours. REMEMBER, you must complete the SSL form and turn it into your counselor in order to receive credit for the hours you've earned. These forms are located in the main office. 


    To manage the current shortage, bus routes may be adjusted, resulting in new bus assignments, increased ride times and more students sharing bus routes.  Please check Infofinder to learn about potential changes to your child’s bus route.  For additional assistance, please use the Stop Finder app, the Transportation Resolution System or the transportation hotline at 301-952-6570 daily from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

    13725 Briarwood Drive 
    Laurel, MD 20708
    Phone: 301-497-3620 | Fax:301-637-4449
    John Mangrum, Principal |


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    • Free Home Internet Access Available
      Families new to Comcast Internet Essentials may be eligible for two months of free Internet service if they live in an area where the service is available, qualify for public assistance and have not subscribed to Comcast Internet within the last 90 days. Apply online or call 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376). 
    • Resetting Student Passwords

      Parents and guardians may request a new username and password for students who have forgotten their PGCPS email log-in info. Email with student name, ID number, birth date, school and grade level to request new log-in credentials.

    • Plug-in 24-7 Digital Library
      The Prince George's County Memorial Library System (PGCMLS) is available 24/7 online with PGCMLS Digital SuiteCreative Suite, and more than 85 online resources including eBooks, audiobooks, music, movies, TV, and educational resources. Students have access to PGCMLS resources using their 9-digit student ID number. 
  • Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

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    DDEMS is a PBIS school where we believe in the potential of students to make good choices within a supportive and nurturing learning environment.  To donate resources or to volunteer time, please contact Mr. John Lakshmanan.