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    Heather Porterfield

     Assistant Principal:
    Dr. Freda Ingram

    6700 Glenn Dale Road
    Glenn Dale, MD 20769
    Office  (301) 805-2750

      School Information

    Grades: K-5 

    Uniform: Mandatory 

    Before After Care:
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    School Colors: Green and Blue

    School Mascot: Gator

    Hours: 7:45am to 1:55pm 

  • For Visitors to the Building

    • Classroom Visit: A pre-arranged visit with the principal in the classroom by the parents/guardians of current students or educational advocates of current students with disabilities. 
    • Classroom Observation: An observation by an individual, an advocate or group interested in observing a specific class or program pre arranged with the principal through the Office of the Chief Academic Officer. 
    • Conference: A pre-arranged meeting by the parents/guardians of current students or advocates of current students with disabilities with the classroom teacher(s), principal and/or other staff. 
    • Visitor: A person (not a student of the school or an identified employee or volunteer of PGCPS on official business) who has legitimate school business, to include, but not limited to: parent-teacher conferences, pre-arranged classroom visits, pre-arranged classroom observation, attendance at other school events or appointments with school employees.
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     December Events 2021

    Coat Drive

                Coat Request Form Link


     Spirit Week 2021

    Glenn Dale Elementary Quarantine Plan Link


     Random Pool Testing for Covid

    Parents will need to register via the links provided below which are provided in English, Spanish and French. 
    English Registration Link
    Spanish Registration Link
    French Registration Link

    In summary instructions for student testing for this vendor (CIAN) are as follows: (Attached below)

    • Students must have a signed consent form (electronic registration) in order to be tested. (Hard copy forms are being phased out.)
    • Students who refuse testing will not be tested and refusal will be documented by the examiner
    • CIAN will provide a list of students to your school nurse for whom we have a signed consent (Wednesdays)
    • Your school nurse will randomly select the 10% of students who must be tested
    • For schools who do not have a Nurse, the Principal's designee will select students to be tested



    PGCPS is hosting vaccination clinics in collaboration with Prince George's Health Department to assist families. Per Maryland's Regulations, students have 20 calendar days from their date of enrollment to receive all necessary shots! If not received, students will NOT be permitted to attend school thereafter until they are up to date. Please pass it on! They deserve to be here! 

    Visit our new PGCPS Mental Health webpage at  for more information and resources for students, parents and staff!!!


    Frontline for Families
    Because the health and safety of every student remains a priority, we must be proactive in screening the health of students prior to entering their respective buildings. As a result, PGCPS has partnered with Frontline Health which offers a mobile app for families to complete a daily COVID-19 self-check or via the link to Frontline Parent Check in for Students. The goal is to help minimize the number of students who present symptoms from entering PGCPS buildings. Please view the video below. We encourage you to use the app each morning before sending your child/children to school. All data will be kept confidential per HIPPA and FERPA regulations.


    We are here to help! You may contact us at any time.

     Principal: Ms. Heather Porterfield

    Assistant Principal: Dr. Freda Ingram

    Technology Liaisons: Fred Laureles

    Joseph Krainer

    Diane Tidwell

    Professional School Counselor: Sarah McDermott

    Reading Specialist: Le’Etta Robinson

    Instruction Lead Teacher and TAG Coordinator: Karen Streeter

    Special Education Chairs: Vera Fields

    Audrey Moore

    ESOL Services: Thelma Shumaker



    In partnership with our families and community, we are a GREAT school that provides an education that ensures every student graduates college and career ready.


    The mission of GLENN DALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is to empower lifelong learners who will contribute to a thriving community.

    Face Masks will be required for all staff, students and visitors to the building! 


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  • The Focus

    Our vision


     In partnership with our families and community, we are a GREAT school that provides an education that ensures every student graduates college and career ready.  

    Our mission

     The mission of GLENN DALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is to empower life long learners who will contribute to a thriving community. 




    Certified Maryland Green School

     Green School  

      Can't  hide  that  Gator  Pride

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    • Student Meals: 

      Student meals are free for all this school year! Families still encouraged to complete the meal benefit application, which determines eligibility for the Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer Program (P-EBT) and more. Households can apply for meal benefits online at   


      How will lunchtime work?

      Breakfast and lunch will be served in the cafeteria or in designated areas determined by school administration. When weather permits and space is evaluated for safety, meals may be taken outside. Principals will assess their building and develop procedures based on space availability. 


      Meals for virtual learners

      Meal boxes consisting of breakfast, lunch, and supper for five days will be available

      for pick up by virtual school students on Friday afternoons from 3 to 4 p.m. at regional meal distribution schools. 

    • Glenn Dale Parent Involvement Video Series 
    • Welcome Back Letter from Principal Porterfield - Gator Gazette


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