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  • Strength in Our Diversity - Power in Our Purpose

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  • School Information

    Principal/Director: Dr. Richard T. McKee Jr.

    Assistant Principal/Subdirector: Duff Durkin

    Student Hours/Horario estudiantil: 7:45AM-1:55PM

    Students may enter the building through the front doors for breakfast starting at 7:35am.

    Office Hours of Operation
     7:45 AM - 3:15 PM Monday - Friday

    Summer Office Hours of Operation
     8:15 AM - 2:45 PM Monday - Friday

    Before and Aftercare
    Hosted by the YMCA
    for more information please contact Shirley Woodfork

    In-person by Appointment Only: 
    Monday -Friday- 8:00AM-2:30PM

    Walk-In Assistance: 
    An appointment is required (please call ahead)
    It is always best to make an appointment if you need assistance.
  • Announcements

    • Reminders

      A few Reminders:


      Important: Upcoming closures, early dismissals, or late start days...

      August 25, 2023- Student Orientation Day (in-person) 7:45am-8:45am

      August 28, 2023- First Day of School for Students! Students are Tardy after 7:45am

      August 31, 2023- Back 2 School Night (in-person) 5:45pm-7:00pm (begins/ends promptly)

      September 4, 2023- Labor Day (PGCPS Schools and Offices Closed)

      September 25, 2023- Rosh Hashanah (PGCPS Schools and Offices Closed)

      October 9, 2023- Parent/Teacher Conferences (Schools closed for students; more information forthcoming)

      October 20, 2023- Professional development Day (Schools Closed for Students)

      November 3, 2023- 3-hour Early Dismissal (All students must be picked up by 10:50am)

      November 22-24, 2023- Thanksgiving Break (PGCPS Schools and Offices Closed)

      December 25-29, 2023- Winter Break (PGCPS Schools and Offices Closed)

      January 1-2, 2024- New Year (PGCPS Schools and Offices Closed)

      January 3, 2024- Students return to school


      The Early Years Matter- Please visit for more information on making sure students are Kindergarten Ready.


      Technology Distribution

      Please email Mr. Gallagher if you have a need to pick up your PGCPS technology or if you are having issues with your device.

      Attendance: School is now is session. Students should attend school everyday and arrive on time unless they are sick or have an authorized reason to be absent. Unexcused absences will not receive make-up work and will be assigned a grade of 0 per PGCPS policies and procedures. 

      Student Early Pickup: Students are expected to be in school for the entire school day (7:45am-1:50pm on normal hours). However, during those rare times that a student needs to be dismissed early due to an appointment or other reason, the below procedure must be followed:

      Student Early Pickup ends at 1:00pm unless the student is being picked up due to illness, an administrative concern, or an administratively approved prearrangement has been made. Authorized individuals (from the emergency contact form)who are picking students up will ring the doorbell and show ID via video.  A staff member will retrieve the student and bring them to the authorized individual(s), double checking ID and having them sign the early dismissal log required by PGCPS policies and procedures. No student will be released to someone who is not a legal guardian or listed on the emergency contact form. If a need arises for someone to pick up a student not listed on the emergency contact form, the legal guardian must send a handwritten note with a signature to the Main Office. Telephone calls or emails will not be accepted. This is per PGCPS policies and procedures and for the safety of our students. 

      Start filling out the lunch form applications. Remember, our Title 1 funding is directly attached to these forms. You can find the forms on our website.
    • Updated Office Hours
        Hyattsville Elementary School's hours are: Monday-Friday 7:45am-3:15pm. Prior to coming to the building for any school business, you must have an appointment. Please contact us or email for registration assistance
    • Uniform Assistance

      Please click here for the 2021/2022 Hyattsville School Uniform Policy. Below you will find samples of the uniform shirts. Hyattsville Elementary School does not require or endorse gender specific uniforms. Although the links can be used to order from, Hyattsville Elementary School does not endorse or recommend any vendor over another. These are for your reference only.

      Boys Gold Long Sleeve (Grades 4-5 only)

      Boys Gold Short Sleeve (Grades 4-5 only)

      Girls Gold Short Sleeve (Grades 4-5 only)

      Girls Gold Long Sleeve (Grades 4-5 only) 

      Boys Navy Long Sleeve (Grades PreK- 3)

      Boys Navy Short Sleeve (Grades PreK-3)

      Girls Navy Long Sleeve (Grades PreK-3)

      Girls Navy Short Sleeve (Grades PreK-3) 

  • Hyattsville Lion's PRIDE

    Our Vision:
    Hyattsville Elementary School will promote a familial culture that inspires  students, staff, and the community to be the educational innovators, environmental protectors, artists, social activists, and academics of the future.  We proudly celebrate the strength of our diversity, and strive to promote equity and social justice. Collaborating with all stakeholders, Hyattsville Elementary will ensure our school is a nurturing home of compassion and acceptance that empowers students, staff, and the community to reach their full potential in their academics and character development through high expectations, continuous learning, accountability, and engaging standards-based educational practices within a rigorous academic program.

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