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  • School Uniform Policy


       Longfields Elementary School   

        Uniform Policy   


    Longfields is a mandatory uniform school. 

    There will be plenty of opportunities for students to dress in their preferred clothing. 

    We celebrate our students' uniqueness.


    School Uniforms:


    School uniforms add a touch of professionalism to a child’s school day and provide the correct educational ethic that is the foundation of his/her academic and future career success. Children must wear their school uniform every day. Please assist us in upholding a high standard for our students in both appearance and contribution to the learning environment.


    Note: The following items are not allowed: caps, head scarves, bandanas, hoodies (IT CAN'T HAVE A HOOD), jackets, shorts, jeans, sweat pants, mini-skirts, decorative hosiery, leggings THAT ARE NOT BLUE/WHITE/BLACK and MUST BE WORN UNDER A DRESS/SKIRT, open-toe shoes, tank or halter tops, t-shirts, inappropriate make-up, revealing or provocative clothing, tight-fitting or stretch pants, clothing that exposes one’s stomach and excessive jewelry (keep jewelry at a small size).

    The following School Uniform Policy applies to all students attending Longfields E.S.


    Tops – Girls and Boys (Colors: White (preferred) or Light Blue)

    • Polo Style Shirts – Short and long sleeve

    • Button-Down Shirts – Short and long sleeve


    Bottoms – Girls and Boys (Colors: Dark/Navy Blue) - (SWEATPANTS/JEANS ARE NOT PERMITTED)

    • Long pants

    • Knee-length shorts

    • Skirts (No leggings other than white/blue/black)/Jumpers/Skorts  


    Accessories – Girls and Boys

    • Shoes & Shoelaces– Closed toe/heel in black, white, gray or blue

    • Belts for pants - Black

    • Sweaters/Cardigans– Solid Navy Blue or White (no writing or symbols)

    • Socks – Navy or Black  

    • Stockings/Tights – Blue, White or Black (leggings THAT ARE NOT BLUE/WHITE/BLACK are not permitted and MUST BE WORN UNDER A DRESS/SKIRT)


    * During the colder months, students are not permitted to wear jackets, hoodies or non uniform sweaters of any sort. Solid, dark blue sweaters with no markings/symbols will be allowed. Please help us create a safe and instructionally sound environment, where student clothing is not a distraction.