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  • Pepper Spray Notification Letter: March 19, 2024

    Pepper Spray March 19, 2024 (English and Spanish)

    Pepper Spray - Family Notification

    We are contacting you to inform you about a situation that took place yesterday during dismissal. A
    substance believed to be pepper spray was discharged near three classrooms at the end of the day
    yesterday. While there were very few students in the area at this time, we know that the smell and
    effects of these substances travel through the air. While we were able to remove the remaining studentsout of the area, we wanted to contact you as a precautionary measure and remind you of a few things.
    Please be advised that pepper spray is considered a weapon and is not permitted on school
    campuses. It causes irritation of the eyes, skin, and mucus membranes. Some of the effects of pepper
    spray include:
    • Pain, redness, or watery eyes.
    • Pain, redness, swelling, and itching on the skin.
    • Dry cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, throat burning, chest pain & gagging,
    If your child has been affected, you can reduce the symptoms by:
    • Moving into an area with fresh air.
    • Flushing the affected area with lots of water to wash away the contaminants.
    • Removing clothing that may have come into contact with the spray to decontaminate and
    prevent re-contamination.
    • Avoiding touching the affected area, as it is easy to spread the oil-based solution to other areas
    of the body by doing so.
    If your child has any of these symptoms or has complications from exposure, please seek medical
    Again, pepper spray is considered a weapon and is prohibited at school. We are in the process of
    investigating this matter.
    Thank you for your attention.