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  • Welcome Letter to the Class of 2025, 11th Grade


    Welcome students and parents of the Class of 2025 to the Fairmont Heights High School Junior ACADEMY. It is our pleasure to share our expectations and plans to ensure your on-time promotion to seniors.  As you know last year, our school began to move from #Great 2 Greater!  This year we further declare Fairmont Heights High School as a community is NESTed: Nurturing Excellence & Serving to Transform Lives We the JUNIOR ACADEMY TEAM commit to give 100% of our best effort and support to you by:

    Building respectful and supportive relationships and addressing your concerns within 48 hours via PGCPS email.

     Delivering engaging and robust instructional experiences that will empower you to become successful 21st century scholars. 

    Planning college tours, job fairs, and networking opportunities that will prepare you for a future beyond high school graduation.

    Junior students, beginning on August 28, 2023, envision and internalize the reality that on-time graduation with your class is within your grasp.   This means no matter how productive or not your previous years have been, now is the time to decide:

    • This will be the best school experience you have ever had.

    • You will approach situations differently and be open to new ideas.

    • To implement learning strategies along  with organizational and study skills that lead to success.

    • To select positive associates and choose responsible behaviors. 

    Parents, we ask that you please become familiar with your student’s daily class schedule, partner with us in this year’s journey, and reiterate the following expectations:

    • We are a uniform school, and all students are required to adhere to the PGCPS dress code policies as they wear the appropriate uniform of khaki pants and burgundy shirts daily. 

    • Students are to be in their designated classrooms by the bell every class; every day.

    • Please view School Max regularly to know your student’s achievement.

    Additionally, we ask parents and students to visit our school website for additional information.   Our first Parent meeting will be held virtually on August 31, at 6:00 PM and Back to School Night is in-person on September 14, at 6:00 PM.  We the JUNIOR ACADEMY TEAM believe this class will set the precedence for academic achievement and 23-24 will be a year we can be excited about and proud of.   Again, welcome Class of 2025!

    Class of 2025 JUNIOR ACADEMY TEAM

    #Too Live Two Five 

    Assistant Principal: [Ms. Mayfield]                                                                        

    Professional Guidance Counselors: [Mrs. Hunt]

                                                              [Mr. Marshall]

    Pupil Personnel Worker: [Mrs. Weston]

             Junior Academy Teachers:

    Mr. Aaron                                                             Mr. R. Johnson

    Mr. Anderson                                                          Mr. Jones

    Mr. Bassey                                                                   Mr. Kobe

    Ms. Brown                                                                    Mrs. Lazaro

    Ms. Burnett                                                                  Mr. Marshall

    Ms. Forsythe                                                                Ms. Potts

    Mr. Holden                                                                   Sgt. Thomas

    Mr. Hoskey                                                                   Dr. Tiwang

    Educationally yours, 

    Eileen Mayfield